Common Behavioural Issues

New dog owners soon discover that their dog has its own unique characteristics. This can also mean that they have some behavior problems. Although this is common, they still need to be addressed and corrected.


Although this is not a serious or dangerous behavior problem, it is often one that dog owners find annoying. This is where the dog will act out whenever someone around them is eating food. The behavior may consist of the dog jumping up on the individual or whining in the hope that they will receive a morsel of what is being consumed. This is a behavior problem that needs to be corrected as soon as it starts. Making sure that nobody feeds the dog while they are at the table is a good preventative measure. Another thing is to ban the dog from the eating area when food is being prepared or consumed.


Not only can this be a costly behavior problem but it can be a potentially dangerous one. This is a common problem that many puppies have. It is often caused by the puppy’s teething. Their instincts tell them to chew on something. The problem is they don’t have the instincts to tell them what they should and should not chew on.

As a result, many household items like pillows and furniture may soon be destroyed. The cost comes in replacing them. The potential danger is for the dog digesting items that could cause them serious health problems. A common solution is to make sure that the dog has plenty of chew toys to munch on that have been designed specifically for that purpose.


It is a natural instinct for a dog to want to dig. They will do this for different reasons. One may be that they are looking for food. Another is they are trying to hide something such as a bone or toy. Then they may also be doing it to find a cool place to lay down. To help correct the problem make sure the dog is getting enough food. Try to distract them by playing with them for a short period or giving them another toy. If they are too warm, find a cooler place for them to rest. You may also want to provide them with their own dog bed.

Excessive Barking

Most dog owners expect that their dog will bark occasionally. What they do not want to have to deal with is incessant barking. It helps first to determine why this is happening.

To begin with, this is a form of communication for the dog. The dog may be trying to tell you something. Working towards finding the cause of the barking will make it much easier to find a solution.