Using Dog Commands

Dog commands are the basic commands that every dog should be taught for a variety of reasons. The first is for the dog’s safety and well being. The other is so that the dog will act properly on a social level.

The First Important Commands

There are many different commands that a dog can be taught but training should always begin with the important ones.


The command training should begin with a simple one like getting the dog to sit. By starting with this one, the dog gets to learn the tone of your voice. It is the first step towards their becoming obedient. Teaching this command first will make teaching the dog not to jump much easier.


From a safety point of view for the dog, this command is essential. Dogs are full of adventure. They like to stray. Then there are those who love to chase things like cars for example. Even though most people keep their dog on a leash when outdoors, there are times where a dog may slip from the leash. If they have been taught the command to come, this helps to prevent a serious situation.


This is another convenient and important command. Dogs can become distracted easily. They may want to charge off to play with some kids or they may see something else that grabs their attention. If they have been taught to stay this will never be an issue that the dog owner has to deal with.

Lie Down

This command sets boundaries for the dog. It also shows who is in control. It can help to control other types of behavior. For example, if the dog has a tendency to beg for food, then they can be commanded to lay down, while a person walks away for them. It is also a precursor for teaching the dog other things like doing some common tricks like roll over.

Additional Commands

Once the dog has learned the basic commands, it becomes much easier to teach them additional ones. These are also ones that can be good for the health and safety of the dog. For example, training a dog to drop something is really beneficial when they have something they shouldn’t.

Dogs are curious by nature; they will often pick up things that can be potentially dangerous to them. If they learn to drop the item on command, it makes for a much safer situation.

Fetch is a command that is nice but not one that is a must. It is one that can provide hours of fun and enjoyment for both the dog owner and the dog. Other commands will come about when the dog is in training. For example, some people that are teaching the dog to walk correctly on a leash with use the ‘with me’ command.

Once these basic but important commands are taught the training doesn’t have to end there. There are commands that are used in specific types of training like endurance training. Once a dog gets used to learning the basic commands further training becomes much easier.